Self-isolation in Certain Bits of Queens

Food places from which to order take-away – incomplete and inadequate – covers a portion of Queens, NYC centred on the Woodhaven Boulevard stop on the J, but also extending up to Elmhurst/Jackson Heights.  Mostly these are small, high-quality businesses that should be supported, that they might be around on the other side.  They deliver through usual channels or USPS.

Schmidt’s Candy (Woodhaven) – 9415 Jamaica Ave, (718) 846-9326 ,

Old school chocolate shop from 1925 in the same family, hand-made chocolates, available for postal/web order.

Sultan’s Dine (Richmond Hill) – 110-23 Jamaica Ave, (718) 846-2513

Bangladeshi/Afghan food with branches in Astoria and Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Super samosas, kebabs, biryani.

Caleta 111 Cevicheria (Richmond Hill) – 111-27 Jamaica Ave, (929) 335-0386

New ceviche place, chef is ex-Llama Inn.  Review here.

Tavares (Woodhaven) – 96-10 Jamaica Ave, (718) 441-0068

Dominican, very good roast pork, bacalao.

Cuenca Coffee Shop (Woodhaven) – 95-29 Jamaica Ave, (718) 847-4642

Colombian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian: great soups, chaulafan, chicken rice, fried fish filet.

Mistura Peruana (Woodhaven) – 86-6 Jamaica Ave, (718) 441-1461

Solid Peruvian food, ceviche

Pollos Doña Maria (Woodhaven) – 93-03 Jamaica Ave., (718) 805-4000

Good roast chicken, Colombian food, massive margaritas (though not as fun in a takeaway cup)

Roti on the Run (Cypress Hills) – 3140 Fulton St, (718) 235-4414

Trinidad/Guyanese food

The Showroom BK (Cypress Hills) – 23 Lincoln Ave, (718) 600-9001

Attached to a large restaurant supply store, this is a suprisingly stylish joint that does delicious roast chicken and Peruvian specialties.

Kabab King (Jackson Heights) – 7301 37th Rd, (718) 457-5857 ,

Very good Pakistani food, probably best Sub-continental in JH.  Samosas, kebabs.

Khao Kang (Elmhurst) – 76-20 Woodside Ave, @khaokangnyc ,  (718) 806-1807

Possibly the best, certainly at the price, Thai in Elmhurst/Woodside area.  Fresh food in hot-tables, pick what you want.  Legend.

Pata Market (Elmhurst) – 81-16 Broadway, (347) 935-3714

Near a host of other Thai places, this little emporium stocks fully cooked food from various kitchens nearby, as well as a modest selection of Thai ingredients.  The sausages, minced pork, fish mousse kill.

Taiwanese Gourmet (Elmhurst) – 84-02 Broadway, (718) 478-8988

If only the rest of the Chinese ‘takeaway’ in NYC were like this.

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