Mum’s Meat Marinade Mix


This was originally developed for marinated/cooking lamb, but I find it works well for chicken. Haven’t tried on beef, duck or pork, but don’t see why it shouldn’t work. It is a pretty amazing compendium of the whole spice route ā€“ everything from the spices of eastern India, to those we find more in Pakistani/Mughlai food, to those that are prominent in Thai food (likely due to influence of Indian traders).

Anyway, use measurements under caution ā€“ mum rarely knows exactly what she puts into the mix, and it’s different in each batch. There are also a few unidentified ingredients, that when I finally make a batch for myself I will track down. The measurements are given as volume proportions (ie relative to any one ingredient), rather than weights. The picture is the most useful thing here IMHO.

Crush the following in a spice grinder, or on a grind-stone (sheel). I doubt mortar and pestle will work well.

1 part white peppercorn

0.75 parts black peppercorn

1.5 parts cumin seed

1.5 parts coriander seed

2 parts dried chili

0.25 parts whole nutmeg

0.125 parts green cardamom

0.1 parts black cardamom

0.1 parts clove

0.05 parts cinnamon

0.5 star anise

a tiny amount of an unidentified white ball (see the picture)

a tiny amount of an orange coloured dried substance that looks a little like dried mango (but isn’t)

Put in an airtight container, will keep for months

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